Neil Armstrong Middle School PTO

Neil Armstrong Middle School PTO

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The Easter Bunny came to town to visit NAMS!

NAMS Library has a new LEGO wall funded by NAMS PTO!!


At the beginning of each month NAMS PTO sends papers home with your child with all the information for that month. If your child does not come home with NAMS PTO papers please email [email protected]  Parents that would like to volunteer for upcoming events can email [email protected] NAMS welcomes ALL parents with clearances and guarantees we will find a volunteer spot that fits your schedule. Interested in helping out at the school store or popcorn during lunch? Just sign in at the office and meet us in the cafeteria. You are always welcome!


Whats an Act 80 Day?  

This is from the PA DOE Website. PA depth of education requires students to receive 180 days of instruction per school year.  Act 80 defined the exceptions to "days of instruction"as follows:  Parent-teacher meetings, Curriculum planning and development, Strategic planning, In-service programs dealing with new subjects or activities having an impact on theeducational program, Dismissal at the start of the school year of a partial group of kindergarten students while an orientation program is being conducted for another part of the group of current year kindergarten students, Administration of the Professional Development Assistance Program assessment, and Evaluation of graduation projects.



NAMS PTO recently donated $1000.00 to the NAMS activity fund to pay school activities such as Just Say no club. Science club, Girls on the run, Drama club, Library activities just to name a few.  Over the last 4 years NAMS has donated $4,500.00 to keep these clubs operating. We could not do this without your support. Thank You NAMS parents!